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Odometer Programming

Digital odometer programming with the DIGA-Consult odometer programmer 

Our DIGA-Consult Odometer Programmer is a single, handy computer which even the EDP layman without previous experience can make an odometer correction easily and safely. The DIGA-Consult can change the mileage / km of the speedometer / odometer in a car dashboard instrument.

The DIGA Consult mileage-correction tool is a matured programming devicefor mileage adjustment at digital odometers.This equipment is not only for mileage-correction at different vehicles, it is also possible to repair comfortably and accomplished digital clusters.This offer is a complete system, which included Hardware,Software, all cables and a detailed guidance CD.
The DIGA-Consultsystem is available in differentversions.Version 1 is the cheapest art to enter the mileage-correction area. The version 2 contains the version 1, but covered more vehicles as in version 1.To version 2 you will get additional the BMW package.BMW models after the year 1998 save the mileage not only the cluster, it save the milaege also in others motor-control units. With this Upgrade is it possible to change the mileage exactly in the moto-control units.
We do not containedonly referproduct DIGA Consultsystem.Please have also a look in our other products the TMS-Programmer

The odometer for Renault and Lanciato the year 2000 can beadjusted in a short time period.
This professional Tool is a stand alone device to adjust the mileage at followingmanufacturer:
-Renault (Laguna / Espace 1996-2000)
-Lancia ( Kappa)
This complete set is includedHardware,Software and a detailledmanuals-CD.

Also please have a look in our product the NEC-Programmer
The odometer made by Sagem for Renault after the year 1999 (in the Renault Clio, the Renault Kangoo, the Renault Megane and the Renault Scenic) can be adjusted in a short time period and you don´t have to wait 3-4 days while you are doing it with a big Waveform Oscillator Station.

Also please have a look for our product the Airbag-Resetter (Different manufactures)
This tool allow to erase the alert in the cluster of the Airbag-Light.

Also please have alook for our product the Audi A3 /A8 Programmer
The DIGA-Soft Audi A3 / Audi A8 Odometer Programmer is an innovative Programmer for the adjustment of the current Audi series A3 and A8 (to year 2003). This system is well balanced, full grown tool with a simple handling which has high quality for the Work-Comfort.

The available supply is the Hard- and Software and a detailed manual instruction for the work-steps. The handling for this programmer is very easy and a layman without previous experience can make an odometer correction easily with this programmer. The time you need to change the value will be shorter in a great extent.

Also please have a look for our TV-Unlock Device.
These different tools were conceived particularly for the employment in the automotive sector. We have our product range still extended with meaningful tools like our DIGA-Soft soldering station with integrated power supply. The DIGA-Soft soldering station is a Hightech Soldering Station, which is particularly for the employment in the SMD technology conceived. Beside a fine soldering iron with pencil point still another hot-air dryer is integrated, with which the fast and simple unsoldering of SMD EEPROM is possible.

After buying the DIGA Consult complete system it is possible to get atraining course in our application department Tacho-Team.
Our application department haveexperience in this business for more than 10 years.
We offer also a training course where our clients can have a look over the shoulder at our technicians to getpractical and theoretical experience.
We create also a forum to getinformation for all themes.
We create also a server for our clients where you can download newestmanuals for mileage-correction.
We close this for unknownuser,but after purchase our System you will get the passwords.
Apart from the selling and application still different services areoffered like professional Chiptuning inour house. This covers the selling of the Chiptuningequipment and the support approximately around this product range.

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Diagprog III Kit

Professional version

€ 8.999,00
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+ 19% VAT (BTW)

Version Mercedes-Benz
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Version VAG Modelle: VW / Audi / Seat / Skoda
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Version BMW & MINI
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includes: Hardware, software, all related cables and detailed instructions on a CD with exactly described programming steps as well as high-resolution illustrations as well as a communication programme for the speedometer.
One-week crash course on request in five languages: German, Spanish, English, Greek, Croatian Transportable laptop with integrated instructions and communication programme for the DP3-speedometer system and a professional soldering and hot-air station with fine soldering iron and an integrated hot-air station.

DP3 prices and support

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