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The DIGA-Soldering-Station: Our SMD-HotAir-soldering-station

The DIGA-Soldering-Station is a Hightech-Soldering-Station, which is special designed for SMD-work.

soldering station

The DIGA-Soldering-Station has the following outstanding properties:

  • SMD fine soldering iron and HotAir!
  • incl. 4 pieces of hot-air essays. Approximately: 1,5mm, 4,5mm, 6mm, 7,5mm
  • 2 piece of soldering irons/hot-air Ablagen.
  • SMD fine soldering iron pencil-pointedly 0,4mm
  • SMD fine soldering iron temperature range: 200�-480�C adjustably
  • Hot-Air: 0,3-24L/min. adjustably!
  • Hot-Air: amount of pumping 45W. amount of heat 250W.
  • Consumption: 270W
  • Powerstation inside for 12 Volts!


The price for the DIGA-Soldering-Station is 449,- Euro +19% tax