Digital Odometer programming with the DIGA-Consult

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Digital odometer programming with the DIGA-Consult odometer programmer

The DIGA-Consult is the most complete available programming device for digital speedometers. The system is a high-quality tool, which offers a maximum of flexibility and working comfort despite simple operation.

The DIGA-Consult Speedometer Programming Computer has the following outstanding properties:

  • The DIGA-Consult has a membrane keyboard with 18 keys and a graphics-capable LCD display of 10 x 20 characters.
  • The DIGA-Consult is power-supplied via an included 220 V power supply or directly via the cigarette lighter in the vehicle. And you do not even need to pay attention to polarity as our device recognises and sets this automatically.
  • Backlit display (for the darker seasons of the year).
  • Only the relevant data are changed; incorrect programming is virtually excluded.
  • Even complete data blocks can be changed.
  • The vehicle menu of the DIGA-Consult indicates the respective chip or diagnosis possibilities for each car model so you do not have to pore over the owner manual.
  • For safety reasons, the current mileage is decoded and displayed.
  • All data my be edited, saved and loaded.
  • The data are saved in the hand-held unit and may be transmitted to a PC for filing.
  • Up to 1000 data blocks may be stored.
  • Moreover, software updates can be made easily via our internet-update-function.
  • So, when you have to do a number of vehicles at the same time, the respective software will be immediately available.
  • For repair purposes, the editing function of the handset can be complemented by downloading data blocks via a PC.