Digital Odometer programming with the DIGA-Consult

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The BMW Keyreader Pro

The BMW Keyreader Pro is a standalone HighTech-unit to read out the KM / mileage and the vehicle number of all new BMW models. In Connection with the DIGA-Consult Odometer Programmer you can program the keys and the EWS (ignition lock) on a new KM / Mileage value.

BMW keyreader pro

The BMW Keyreader has the following outstanding properties:

  • Can be used in any Car Service
  • Reading of all BMW keys in seconds
  • Reading of the vehicle number
  • 12 Volt Power Supply
  • Integrated Display
  • In Connection with the DIGA-Consult
  • Programming of the keys and the EWS


The price for the BMW Keyreader Pro is 2500,- Euro +19% tax